Recently I lost contact of a good friend of mine that went West-Coast. She disappeared off the grid. Until one night…..(watching porn LOL!!!!) I found her on the net. I contacted her & she is still the same Sexy Crazy Ass, Bad Bitch. Check out her vids & follow her on twitter. I guarantee you gonna like watchu see ;)

Google: Layla Price or Laela Pryce

All i can really say about this is……Life is GOOD! lol

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Dam….what can i say….Celebrating the Cinco De Mayo festival in baltimore downtown in once of my favorite events of the entire year!  I’ve been around the world, and this is the ONLY spot I have ever seen where ALL the latin ethnic groups come together in one spot and celebrate their culture to the fullest. Me & people ate so much dam food!!! LOL!!!….and got TORE-UP! We had a great time. I know some of yall like who dis new chick on your hip?!…keep your eyes open. You will see her again in more upcoming projects. Make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel and watch the video!!! 

You got “1 Life To Live”…So start living!!!

This is one of those nights where I’m sitting home chillen….done all my work and getting ready to wind down for the night and watch T.V. 

Then I get “THAT PHONE CALL”….

My homegirl broke up wit her boyfriend, and wants to go out and chill….

So i get dressed and hit the streets….

Next thing i know it “BAM” “BOOM” HOLY MOTHER SHIT FUCK!!!!!

Let’s just say……..I love my life ;)  

It’s always great to see talented people from Baltimore doing a positive thing in the community. Sean Grey is a good friend. This was by far my favorite exhibit.


Timonium Bikeshow 2014. I dressed up in the predator and alien outfit and the paparazzi went crazy!!! It was so good to see new fans and old fans there. I love doing promo events just as much as i do performing. 

Cell phone snippet. We were just getiing started around 9 and the papparazzi madness was WILD!!! This was by far the best year ever i worked at this event. look for the pics and final edited HD video coming up on my facebookfanpage