You got “1 Life To Live”…So start living!!!

This is one of those nights where I’m sitting home chillen….done all my work and getting ready to wind down for the night and watch T.V. 

Then I get “THAT PHONE CALL”….

My homegirl broke up wit her boyfriend, and wants to go out and chill….

So i get dressed and hit the streets….

Next thing i know it “BAM” “BOOM” HOLY MOTHER SHIT FUCK!!!!!

Let’s just say……..I love my life ;)  

It’s always great to see talented people from Baltimore doing a positive thing in the community. Sean Grey is a good friend. This was by far my favorite exhibit.


Timonium Bikeshow 2014. I dressed up in the predator and alien outfit and the paparazzi went crazy!!! It was so good to see new fans and old fans there. I love doing promo events just as much as i do performing. 

Cell phone snippet. We were just getiing started around 9 and the papparazzi madness was WILD!!! This was by far the best year ever i worked at this event. look for the pics and final edited HD video coming up on my facebookfanpage

(Part 2) Just like in life people come and go. In the Music biz friends/models come and go. Take full advantage of the times you have and savor every moment of it. This look back helps me understand a lot about people and my career. I’m very grateful for all my experiences.  

(Part 1) I will NEVER forget this day for several THOUSAND REASONS!!!…lol. Powerful day. This was my first music video EVER shot. It is no where to be found now, because i am far and well better off now. There will be a remake of this video this summer, so keep your eyes out. Shout out to all the lovely ladies that help me make this happen.